Q: Ok, I’m interested. What’s the program?

A: Because I truly believe that different strategies can work for different people, I don’t have a specific prescription for what exactly will work for you. What I can provide you with are general guidelines and suggestions that I have found to be effective for both myself and my clients. However, my number one piece of advice is for you to be a scientist of yourself. Create your own program with what you know works for you.  And if you are doing a specific method, don’t be afraid to tweak it.

Q: Do you have any advice if I am choosing a program?

A: I suggest three general guidelines when choosing a program or weight loss method:

  1. Don’t do it if you hate it, or you feel like you are “white knuckling it.”   If you are telling yourself on a regular basis to just keep starving and restricting and it will all be worth it, the likelihood of this being a sustainable method is low. I’m not saying you can’t try to lose a few pounds really quickly for your friend’s wedding, but as a long term weight loss solution, this is probably not the best method.
  2. Find a way to create a (modest) caloric deficit. The key to any weight loss program, whether it is Intermittent fasting, Weight Watchers, or Paleo, is caloric deficit.  If there is not caloric deficit involved it’s not really a weight loss plan. Having said that, overly restricting calories can lead to you abandoning the plan altogether, which puts you back on the yo-yo dieting track. If the plan demands a high level of caloric restriction, it is probably not sustainable in the long run.   
  3. Don’t rely on a particular supplement or meal replacement program for a long term solution. What happens when you cannot budget for that product or supplement? What if that product is not available? What if you just get tired of eating those particular foods? For a plan to work in the long term, it should ideally be a method that you can seamlessly incorporate into your life.

Q: How can In Real Life Health help me achieve my goals?

A: Weight loss and maintenance encompasses so many different areas of our lives– mindset, social behaviors, organization, planning, time management. . . the list is endless. Plus, as Torah observant Jews, we have specific weight loss and maintenance challenges which are unique to us. That’s where IRLH comes in. I want this website and our support network to be your go to site for support in juggling all these different aspects of your journey. So join the tribe on In Real Life Health Face Book Group . And if you’d like one-on-one support from me or more tailored guidance, CLICK HERE to find out more about my health coaching services. I would also love to hear from you or take questions regarding any weight loss topic. Email me at IRLHealth18@gmail.com, or CLICK HERE to send me a message.

Q: Can you provide me with nutritional counseling or a specific meal plan?

No, meal planning and nutritional counseling are not within my scope of practice. That is exclusively in the purview of a registered dietitian. I encourage you to seek the help of an RD for specific advice on these topics. I can provide general guidance, support and accountability. Any advice I provide is informational, and is based on my own research and personal journey. In addition, as always, you should seek out the advice of your MD or NP before staring any weight loss program